london! are you kidding me!

June 18 2007, 0 Comments

i was reading the new times magazine the other day, and i came upon the london 2012 olympic logo. olympic logos tend to be the pinnacle of design. the creative panel is usually really really critical, and the end design is something that the city can be super proud of.

london, england, is hosting the 2012 olympics and i have NO idea what the creative judging panel was thinking but if this design was the best that was submitted, the others must have been down right ugly. i did a quick search on google and it appears that the design firm or designer was paid a reported 400,000 british pounds. holy crap! that’s just over 3/4 of a million dollars! i wouldn’t pay even a $100 for this design. kudos to the designer for tricking the IOC board into paying you so much money for this piece of work.

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