December 8 2007, 1 Comments

at times i feel as if the world is passing me by. like i’m the kid who didn’t get on the marry-go-round in the park and i’m just watching the joy and the fun and the dizziness pass me by. i look at what other people are doing. their adventures in life. getting married. moving to chase a career. and i think to myself “am i stuck. and if so what the hell am i doing in this rut!” i figured, by now, that i would probably have at least some stuff figured out in life. everyone says that’s a process, and i guess it is. i want to do big things with my life. i’m just having a hard time feeling big…

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  1. glenroy says:

    no one feels big. what you're feeling isn't wrong. takings risks to grab what you want in life makes you feel quite small, quite vulnerable, actually. its only the satisfaction of trying that makes feel like big things have happened. i say keep shedding whats safe and take more risks.

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