the journey begins

March 20 2008, 0 Comments

i finished the book How to Succeed in Commercial Photography last night. for the last couple of months i’ve been struggling with the “next step” in trying to branch out into commercial and fashion photography. unfortunately edmonton is not the best place in the world for commercial/fashion photography, especially when all of the big names have moved away.

a couple of years ago i met Nick Onken on a trip to Seattle. Nick is a great lifestyle photographer who is now based in LA. somehow through reading his blog, and then linking to a couple of other photographer’s blogs i found this book. written by Selina Maitreya, one of the first photography consultants in the States. over the last 29 years in the industry, she has written a collection of essays that touch on everything from portfolios, to sales and marketing, to how to have faith when the going gets tough. the book is a peek into the world of photography, and a wealth of knowledge on how to get started and keep going. it was exactly what i needed to hear.

i totally recommend How to Succeed to Commercial Photography to any photographer who is starting off or who just needs a fresh way to look at the industry. in the short 200 pages, Selina has opened up a world that i could not have been taught in a class and given me a rough path to a career i’ve always dreamed of.

i have also been finding some valuable blogs from industry professionals who are not photographers. i’m figuring out that the best advise has not been coming from other photographers but from art buyers and photo editors. check out and Heather Morton’s blog for some insights into the other side of the coin.

so here i go. i’ve got a jumping block of knowledge and some good ideas (at least i hope they are) to start a new body of work. this is the biggest challenge i’ve taken on so far, and i’m more ready for it then i’ve ever been. the journey seems like it’ll be a long road, so wish me luck!

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