March 16 2008, 0 Comments

i’ve been looking for a mini tripod for my hexar over the last couple of years. my konica hexar is the camera i take when i travel. great little film camera. super sharp 35mm f/2 lens, and fires so quite that i can hardly hear it when i’m taking a picture. anyways, i came across this new “tripod” from manfrotto. i don’t think you can really call it a tripod, but it works perfectly for my hexar. when i’m traveling i don’t want to be carrying a tripod, no matter how small. and really i just needed something to prop up my camera and make it a bit more sturdy. the nice thing is that it fits neatly under my camera without sticking out. and so it’s fastened tightly on bottom of my camera ready for the next time i hit the road, whenever that will be.

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