on disconnecting

June 25 2008, 0 Comments

for someone like me, who’s life doesn’t categorize very well, disconnecting is a bit of a problem. i’m always on; always thinking about a new project, the current project, what to do friday night, who i haven’t seen in a while, who i need to cold call next, what to have for dinner. i don’t know if it’s the same for all creatives.

for the most part it’s a pretty good thing to have as a creative. “my life is my inspiration.” everything melds into one, work is play, play is work, so and so forth. but there are times where one or the other needs to be turned off. at my age, being young and impressionable, having my work float around my personal life is ok. i have the luxury of not having the obligations of family, and my friends are usually keen on bouncing around ideas. it is more of trying to shut off my personal life that is hard to do, especially when i comes to emotions and rocky times. i find myself constantly being distracted by the current state of a relationship, or an argument. always working through it when i should be working.

the past week or so has been hard that way. life has thrown me a couple of bones i wasn’t expecting so soon. that’s life for you. i’m slowly learning how to turn off. i tell you it’s not the easiest thing to do, but necessary if i’m going to get any work done at all. so far, it’s the most intense mind-over-matter task i’ve done thus far. to focus so tightly that everything else disappears.

i’ve always had a thing for going to the gym, though i tend to not be very consistent with it. over the last 6 months i have (pat on the back for me!). i finally realized that the gym is the only place in the world that i completely disconnect. i never bring my phone to the gym. my ipod is always plugged into my ears. and my mind becomes void of all personal or work issues. just me and a dumbbell i’m trying not to drop on my head. it’s a place that i can take a break from everything, if only for an hour or so. i’m hoping this little epiphany about myself will probably keep me more consistent. the results from the gym are nice too :)

most of the time, disconnecting is viewed as a bad thing. in this context, i think it’s a very healthy thing. i’m sure there are exceptions and limits to all of this, but i’m trying my best to keep myself focused. as one of my best friends always says, “life is good, you just have to change your perspective.”

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