first D3 run

July 14 2008, 1 Comments

shot my first wedding with my D3 last weekend. the results are pretty amazing! it’s an odd feeling shooting with a full-frame camera again. things look… well.. right. i know people are going to yap at me about DX vs FX, but really full-frame images just look proper. the DOF is what it’s suppose to look like at the actual focal length. until now i’ve been shooting DX or 6×7. yeah, a bit of an extreme. anyways, the images look great. it’s nice to shoot a camera that is sharp right off the sensor (the D200 is soft soft soft). and colors seems to be a bit better. all that really means is that there is less post! WOO HOO!!!!

tash is a friend of mine, and i have to admit that she and her man sean had the most beautiful wedding party ever! The OC here we come!!! she also kept posing for me all day too! so much fun!

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