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July 14 2008, 0 Comments

i’m in the process of trying to meet with as many creative directors, art directors, photo editors, and art buyers as i can. so if you are one of those people and you like my work, give me a shout, i would love to meet with you! it’s a bit of a learning curve for me, since it’s the first time i’ve really put my work on the line.

had a book viewing today, and the CD asked me “what i like to shoot?”… what i like to shoot?!…. to be completely honest, i stuttered a bit. the question has never been posed to me, and i’ve really never thought about it. i know what i shoot; weddings, artists, beautiful women, travel. the question, what do you like to shoot?, is deeper than first thought. i don’t really think it has to do with the subject matter, but more to do with the process of how i shoot. i could probably shoot any subject matter, as long as it worked within the process of how i shoot. in my personal arsenal of work, i’ve shot everything from babies to houses. the funny thing is that the houses are shot in the same style as the crying, peeing, puking babies.

so does the subject matter really matter? i have my preferences. beautiful, sexy, well styled women tops the list. maybe that’s why i shoot weddings, LOL, for the brides! i’ve been blessed with very gorgeous (some would even say HOT) brides in my career so far. if i think really hard, my subject is some form life/living… sort of.. let me explain. not that i’m a reportage photographer, but more of how i see or manipulate things within life to photograph. the closest mass-market category i could fit in is some sort of editorial. my photographs are highly based on how a subjects fits into a location. how comfortable, or uncomfortable they are. if there is juxtaposition. there is also a sense of natural instinct, life/living, as well. if i’m directing subjects, i tend to only direct them so far. Leaving the last couple of moments, before the shutter goes, for the subjects to just be. sometime it backfires, and the subjects just gets really awkward. though there are times where those pictures works the best. back when i was in school, i read a quote in the front of a photography collection, it said, “my greatest hope is that my subjects know that they are most beautiful when they are themselves.” so in some fashion, i photograph life or living… in my own self-manipulated way. as my good friend shiv says, a sense of travel and glamour mixed together. an odd mix, yes. does it actually describe my work, yes. LOL, more on that when my bio launches on my site.

wow, i just read over all of that. a whole lot of random thoughts. i’m not overly sure if it makes sense to anyone. and i’m not even sure if i answered the question. what do i like to shoot?……

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