Lightroom 2.1

September 25 2008, 0 Comments

i’m a bit late on this one, Adobe made available a release candidate version of Lightroom 2.1 five days ago. a release candidate is the version of software that has been extensively tested and is in it’s final stages before being officially released. there will probably be some minor changes to the software before it becomes widely available, but they release it to the public to test and give feedback on.

i, and everyone else who is using LR2.0, have been bitching about it’s performance. LR2.0 runs on my jacked-up Mac Pro as slow as LR1.0 did on my old school G4 PowerBook. importing pictures took upwards to an hour, doing any adjusting would always result in a spinning ball, and i would always have to wait for previews. there are some awesome features in 2.0, like spot and gradient adjustment, but none of that is valuable to me if it take forever to do. i almost reinstalled LR1.4 because 2.0 was just taking too much time to use

LR2.1 appears to have fixed all of that. and even in it’s release candidate version, things appear to be running smooth. importing is quick and snappy, no more spinning ball, and previews (even 100% previews) render almost instantly. post processing is again a happy time, not a @*#!ing throw my mouse through my monitor time.

you can find the Lightroom 2.1 release canidate here.

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