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September 26 2008, 0 Comments

if you’ve read my blog before, you’ve come to realize that i do my best thinking in my car, driving. best time: at night. best weather: raining. it just makes for a very pensive, reflective state of mind for me. once again, tonight was one of those nights, and it was perfect; 12:30am, raining, and everything going by seemed like cinema.

i was over at my best friend’s house. as per usual we were sitting on his couches, drinking wine. it’s what we do. ever since we came back from europe, we’ve crack a good bottle of wine and just talked life. tonight was a bit different though. steve is getting married on saturday, and it was the last time i’d be cracking a bottle with him as a single guy. not an overly momentous occasion, but it still has it’s significance. we covered every topic, as per usual; relationships, jobs, faith, where we were both going life. it was a good night.

months before we had talked about if i wanted to be in his wedding or if i wanted to shoot his wedding. i told him it was up to him. at the time i wasn’t overly eager to shoot friends weddings, but now i rather enjoy it. after some thought, steve asked me to shoot his wedding. not because i can or because i was a photographer, but more because he wouldn’t trust anyone else with the job. and i would agree, i wouldn’t trust any other photographer with the job of photographing his wedding. to be honest, i wouldn’t know what to do with myself standing up there infront of everyone.

as i drove home, i started to realize that this will probably be the most important wedding i would shoot thus far. it is the closest one to me, with the most meaning. things have to be perfect. they have to be more than perfect. all of the technical is there. and i know how they are since i’ve photographed them before. but the feeling, the emotion has to be there, though the lens. that’s the more than perfect part.

i can’t help to think that in some way this is a turning point for both of us. up till now we’ve both had the freedom of being, well, not married. since europe, where we were kind of in the same place in life, we’ve gone and carved our unique paths, both about to do things that will change our lives. steve getting married and me, well, i’ve got somethings in store that are going to start altering my life in ways that i can’t even predict yet. but that’s for a different post. i remember getting off the plane in venice with steve and smelling the sea breeze, it was amazing! it doesn’t help that my girl is currently in italy racing. -GO KITTY!- but the memories we’ve shared are experiences that i will never forget. and from here on in i will have to make some room for his wife. which won’t be too hard, she’s one of my sister’s best friends. we kind of set them up LOL. but you know what i mean.

things start off tomorrow and will most likely be a blur till i get home saturday night. good friend, best friends, are hard to find in this life, they are gifts that only come around ever so often. so this wedding will be an honor and priviledge to shoot. i would not want to be doing anything else that day.

oh, and mental airplanes is a matthew good song. if you know it, there is absolutely no relevance between his song and this post, other than the fact that it was the song playing in my little blue rav4 on the way home.

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