pushing one’s creative self

October 2 2008, 0 Comments

Nick Onken wrote a really interesting piece on expanding your creative arsenal over on his blog. he talks about expanding your default, your go-to-style, as a photographer. it’s been something that i’ve been thinking about lately, how to push your creative self. what am i doing to make my image better? how am i growing as a photographer? i’ve had people ask me how to become a better photographer, and i’ve always said shoot lots. and yet, i’ve not taken my own advise. lately the only time i’ve picked up a camera is to do client work. as much as that’s good, it really doesn’t push my creative self.

in some ways that’s why i’ve cut my hours at my day job to part-time. i need the time to just go out and shoot. to sit in a café and think up tests and plan them out. who knew this photography thing could take over your life!

read Nick’s post on Expanding Your Default. it’s full of good knowledge and experience. i can’t wait till i’m where he is in my photography career.

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