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October 25 2008, 3 Comments

my buddy justin la favor, who is also a fantastic realtor in edmonton (plug plug plug), is huge into marketing. he’s probably read, bought and watched almost every new marketing strategy in the last two years. that said he’s in the know on who’s the top guys out there. when it comes to the marketing industry it’s directly linked to the photography industry. on first thought it’s because the marketers are the guys who find the ad firms, who find us so that we can make some money and eat. on second thought, it’s because we need to also market ourselves as photographers, which directly links us back to the former point. i digress.

in my search for a latter rung to get me out of my creative gap, i realized after tonight’s little webinar (web-seminar. didn’t even know that was a word), that i’m bored. i really am. and i’ve known it all along, but it really hasn’t slapped me in the face until tonight. on justin’s blog he links everyone to a webinar from one of the top copywriters in the states, John Carlton, who interviews his good friend, and guru marketer, Eben Pagan. If you have an hour i would recommend a listen. right at the beginning of the interview Eben quotes John, he actually used this point as a building block for his multi-million dollar productivity program.

“people are bored out of our minds. people are bored. they live boring lives. they wake up, they have a boring morning routine, they have a boring breakfast, get in a boring car, and take a boring commute, to a boring job, that is boring, with a boring boss. and then they have a boring commute home, and watch boring television, and they go to sleep bored… not only are they boring and not exciting, but they don’t know anyone that’s even interesting or exciting, they don’t even know anyone who knows anyone that’s interesting and exciting. they just kind of live in a boring bubble for most of their lives. and if a little excitement comes into their life, it’s really amazing.”

that kinda hit me pretty hard. and maybe not everything there describes me. i know interesting and exciting people. and i watch interesting tv. since cutting my hours at the store, i still haven’t been able to shake the boring routine. working at a camera store for the last couple of years has really put a damper on my life, almost sucked me dry. you’d think it would be an easy job, ironically that is what killed me. i found that i became less and less motivated to do anything. – boring morning routine, boring breakfast, boring job… – i’d get home and just not want to do anything.

i need to bring some excitement into my life. it’s a bit harder now, most of my friends (come to think of it, all of my friends) are married, everyone has careers, and people just don’t have as much free time. not that any of that is bad, just not a easy as say 5 years ago when most of us just finished school and were single.

so let’s unbore myself. tonight is the first A Photo Evening i’m hosting. a bunch of friends and fellow photogs gathering to enjoys some wine and chat about photography. should be interesting, more on that after the evening. i’m also hoping to join the subcommittee for the ACE Awards, an award show for the best and brightest of advertising in edmonton. a good way to meet some new people, network and have some fun putting on a show (it’s been a while since i’ve done that). i think that’s a fairly good start. the theory behind unboring myself is that it will motivate me to be more productive, give me more energy and creativity. i want that.

are you bored?… if you are, let’s get you unbored. you might have to get a little creative and look outside of your circle of friends. meet exciting new people who are doing big things. join a club. or maybe start one. a lot of this isn’t new information, it just is a matter of having it put in a way that will hit you aside the head. most of what Eben and John say in the webinar is exactly the same as what Keith Ferrazzi says in his book Never Eat Alone. get motivated not by sitting at your desk plotting new deadlines or warming up that microwave dinner. let other people inject some excitement into your life, so that you can start feeling more alive, and inturn become more productive. turn down the suck, turn up the good.

here’s the link to John Carlton’s interview with Eben Pagan.

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  1. ShehStar!

    You nail what Eben talks about right on the money man – And it looks lke you took more notes that I did!

    Eben’s the bomb. More background on him – he’s one of the guys that pioneered the “Community” of speed seduction experts that’s rampant on the internet today (ie. How to get a woman to sleep with you in one night… that kind of crap), although they don’t mention that in the interview (Which, if you haven’t recorded, you should because Carlton won’t be keeping it on his website much longer!)

    One of the biggest items that Eben touches on in his materials (along the lines of other Seduction gurus like Neil Strauss -ala “The Game”-) is that women at the bar/club/restaurant/library/etc (and people in GENERAL, men and women) are DYING to be excited, entertained, motivated to LIVE life and not ENDURE life.

    I love how you phrase it: “Turn down the suck, turn up the good.”

    So what if all your friends are married – some have really flexible schedules so turn down the suck and pick up the phone and call me next time you get the urge to be boring.

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  2. CC says:

    Salut mon petite!
    J’ai lu votre blog ce apres midi, puis j’aime bien l’idee-GET UN-BORED!!!!

    Votre Cupcake

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