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October 29 2008, 1 Comments

back a couple of years ago, when i was a designer not a photographer, i decided that i would put together a book of my photos for people as gifts. i didn’t know then that a book like this is what got you jobs, i thought it would be a nice thing for people. it was a time when pictures were just plain fun, and the worries of marketing myself were no where to be found.

so i embarked on a project to hand build a limited edition run of books. as usual my dreams were bigger than what reality held, but i made it through. i designed the pages of the book to be one long 88 inch sheet that used an accordion fold to separate the pages. the accordion fold was held together by a hand stitched binding. then i wrapped a cover around the two end pages to hold everything together. a local shop printed the 88″ long sheets for me, and i printed the covers. each cover was hand scored and folded as well. the back cover was hand stamped with my chinese name and numbered. it think it took over two hours to assemble each book. the limited run was 15, but i think i actually only ever made 12.

books have now changed for me. 11×14 hard plastic pina zangaro books with plastic sleeves to hold the pictures. the real personal feel has left the creation of the book itself. maybe some new marketing will come from me looking at this crazy book i put together. or maybe it’ll inspire you to start thinking of a new and different to set you apart from everyone else. happy day dreaming!

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  1. CC says:

    Despite obsticles the most revealing test of a winner is how the individual responds to adversity…anon.

    Salut-J’ecoute c’est phrase hier soir. C’est un bonne idea pour chaque personne ne port que le situation. Alors, vie est difficile mais le “methode” qu tu prends pour navigation est le plus importante!!!

    A plus tard,


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