behind the scenes with Annie Leibovitz

December 3 2008, 5 Comments

i’ve been on an Annie Leibovitz kick lately, as you can probably tell. i just love her process of taking pictures. i got this video in my email today from Profoto. Annie Leibovitz was commitioned to photograph Conny Dufgran, co-founder & chairman of Profoto. they recently launched a new system called the Pro8a Air, which is pretty cool (wireless control of the power output). not that one of Leibovitz’s assistants couldn’t do it for her LOL. she is also shooting with a Nikon D3, i think it’s the first time i’ve seen her with a Nikon body. not that it really matters, but i’m a bit of a gear nut.

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  1. CC says:

    CGUNIT is the bomb today…I’m sure you’ve already seen it.

    Have a CAKE-tastic-day

  2. cs says:

    what lens was she using?

  3. IS says:

    she’s using a Nikon 17-35. at first i thought she was using a 24-70 but there is a dip in the lens from the focus ring to the zoom ring.

  4. cs says:


  5. CC says:

    Salut ma belle.
    Je pense a vous.
    J’ai fini a la biblio, maintenaint je suis aller au la piste pour un bonne workout…

    Bonne travaille aujourd hui

    @ +

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