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December 23 2008, 0 Comments

if you go far enough into the archives you’ll find a post on the Creative Gap, which has a video by Ira Glass. that video was actually the second part of longer video he produced. i never did watch part one until today on APE. the first part talks about how we need to cut out the crap work we do in order to make way for the amazing work we can produce. i’m glad that i found part two first because i find it spurs on part one better. i can really only cut out the crap if i actually go out and do lots of work (which is what the Creative Gap video talks about). here’s part one and part two for you enlightenment.

killing crap

creative gap


after looking up Ira Glass on YouTube i found that these videos are actually part of a four part series called Ira Glass on Telling Stories. the two videos above are parts two and three. there is some good info in parts one and four too.

Ira Glass – Part One
Ira Glass – Part Two (Killing Crap)
Ira Glass – Part Three (Creative Gap)
Ira Glass – Part Four

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