the worst update ever!

December 14 2008, 0 Comments

i’m back. this blog was MIA for about 24 hours. i decided to update the WordPress backend last night. what was suppose to be a 5 easy step update, turned into the nightmare of nightmares of updates. step 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 and… nothing. no blog, no backend, nothing. couldn’t even log in. stayed up till 5am freaking out, talking to @codesketch and @codykeith on twitter (awesome guys), tinkering with the limited knowledge of mySQL databases, and finally fell asleep annoyed and frustrated. i think i uninstalled and reinstalled WordPress 7 or 8 times. in the end i installed a brand new blog, made a brand new database, and started to test each old database separately. one by one testing and checking to see what would happen. two of the databases were hooped, which is why no one could see my blog and why i couldn’t get into my blog.

it’s all back up and running again. i’ve learnt a bit more about mySQL databases, and the retarded ins and outs of WordPress. fingures crossed that the next update only takes 5 steps.

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