10,000 hours

January 2 2009, 0 Comments

i’ve been waiting for this day for a while now. kinda. maybe not waiting, more like anticipating. 2009, the year when everything will change. and obviously way faster than i can even take in. up till now it’s seems like i’ve been in a bit of a dream world. dreaming of the day when i’ll wake up and start doing everything i’ve always wanted to do. clock chimed 12, and i’m sitting on the side of the road wondering what to do with a giant pumpkin, a couple of rats and a dress that… well, we won’t go into that. it kind of just hit me that i have to get a move on things that i need to get done right away.

1) start putting together a new book
2) lay down the ground work on new marketing (which is going to be awesome, you’ll see)
3) with putting together a new book comes updating my website
4) a big four, start seriously looking for places in Vancouver

my dad gave me Malcolm Gladwell’s new book for Christmas, it’s called The Outliers. the basic premise of the book dissects how really successful people become really successful. i’m only 2 chapters in, but Gladwell has already referred to a number that is consistent with success and is ridiculously daunting; 10,000 hours. that is the number of hours that is consistent with the brilliant people of the world. the Beatles, hockey players, Bill Gates, that number is the amount of time initially invested into playing together, on the ice or programing that has propelled them to their success. on top of that, you can’t discount that fact that everyone of those people are brilliant naturally, but 10,000 hours seems to come up time and again.

i figure in the last 5 years i’ve invested 2,000 hours off and on into photography. i would say a lot of it would be from this past year alone. as of now i’m starting on my two-thousand-and-first hour. it’s a long way away from 10,000 but i’m determined to get there. wish me luck.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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