my new home in Vancouver!

January 27 2009, 3 Comments

i’ve been in Vancouver since Sunday looking for a place to call home. i’m making the move out west in March to explore the many more opportunities in photography. i had arranged only one viewing from Edmonton before i had come, and it seems like that one was the best fit for me. it’s in the Kitsilano part of Vancouver. i love this part of town. so many little boutiques and cafe shops, lot of character, and only minutes to the beach! i took a look at a couple other places around the Kits area, as well as over in the Karisdale. i didn’t physically take a look in the core of downtown, but then again, i kind of wanted a place bigger than 400 square feet.

i’ve got 600 square feet studio (a small 600 square feet as they say in the reality world), in an awesome building. the suite it self is nice and open, with a solarium, and of all things a fireplace. there is tons of light that comes in, so shooting in the suite is going to be awesome. the kitchen is a good size with lots of counter space. tons and tons of cabinets too. i’ve got my own hot water heater in my suite, which i found kind of odd but definitely welcome it. there should be enough storage for all of my gear. i took a whole bunch of measurements this afternoon so that i can start figuring out how things can start fitting into the space. i’m really quite excited about my new home.

Van building outside 1
my building from across the street – the main floor is all shops

Front entrance
the front entrance – i kinda like the fact that it’s not a big front entrance, not sure why i do, just do

inside 1
here is the main part of the studio – that fireplace is going to be awesome! Alysse in the door way of the solarium, and the guy who is actually moving out of the suite. he’s an industrial designer moving to NYC for an internship.

the kitchen – it’s a pretty big kitchen for the size of the place. huh… i didn’t notice, i’m going to have to get a microwave.

part of the solarium or den – i’m probably going to make this my bedroom, the guy who is moving out said that it fits a double bed, sounds good to me.

and of course the bathroom – good size, lots of storage, and glass doors for the tub.

and that’s my new place in Vancouver. there is a whole bunch of storage when you come into the suite. should be a fun time designing where everything is going to go. i want to try to keep it as open as possible so that it give it a bigger feel. oh, and they are painting the entire suite too. all the walls are going a light taupe color. the fireplace wall is going to be a accent wall going dark brown. plus they are putting crown molding around the entire main area too. not bad i much say. more to come in March, but for now it’s just nice to know that i have a place in Vancouver and i can start exploring everything in the area.

[pictures update]
i went back to my place today to sign my lease, and the painters had already started. here are a couple shots with the new colors.

new paint

kitchen new paint

solarium new paint

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  1. chad says:

    Looks pretty cool bro. Super Excited for you.

  2. CC says:

    I’ve been there!!!

  3. nathaniel says:

    Congrats. It’s great you are pursuing what you always wanted. Enjoy it!

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