Thailand bound, political unrest or not

April 13 2009, 0 Comments

I’ve got 2 hours to kill at YVR so I thought I’d write my first post of the trip. Over the last couple of days Bangkok has been over run with red shirted demonstraters who want the exiled prime minister back in power. Before the weekend they had taken over and stopped the Asia leaders conference that was suppose to happen. And at the moment the Thai military has been mobilized to breakup the rallies which has inturn sparked some violence. So all-in-all things are a bit touch and go in Bangkok. To be honest it makes me more excited to go.

I’m packing pretty light camera wise this trip. My trusty Konica Hexar that has travelled the world with me, an Olympus OM-2sp with an 85mm (which is almost smaller than my Hexar), 12 rolls of Fuji 800z, a ND4 & a ND8 filter for the day, and my Fuji F40. I’m hoping the ND filters will be dark enough for some portrait work with 800 speed film.

I picked up a map of Bangkok the other day to start to pinpoint the districts I want to go to. Googling Bangkok sex tourism is a creepy thing. I managed to find an article by a Chicago Post writer who was in Bangkok and he wrote about the different red light districts. It’s going to be an interesting trip working with NightLight and the women they help, as well as having the political unrest. I’m trying to keep my expectations low, but I’m super excited to see what images I can capture about the sex trade in Bangkok, the women and boys & girls who work I it, and the people who help them find alternative work.

I guess I haven’t really written about why I’m going to Thailand. I am traveling to Thailand with a my dad and a team of 6 others from a church in Red Deer. We are going to Thailand to work with an organization called NightLight who works with women and children in the sex trade, providing alternative work, shelter, counselling, and support. I am going to document NightLight and their work, as well as the try to capture the realness of the sex trade itself. It’s a bit of a daunting task, but I’m excited to see what results of it. Keep tuned in here and Twitter, I am going to try to keep things updated as much as possible. Now I think I’m going to find some lunch

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