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July 10 2009, 0 Comments

my fantastic new rep loreli posted an interview i did with her earlier this week. interviews are such a funny thing for me when it comes to creativity. trying to explain what goes on in this head of mine isn’t that easiest thing in the world.

who is ian sheh? that is a good question. i wanted to dig a bit deeper and find out for myself, so i decided to have a one-on-one interview him on tuesday, july 7th, 2009. he’s a complex photographer, with ideas always on the go. he has a wide range of influences, and always thinks about showcasing a “grand story told in a simple way”. oh, and how could i forget. he LOVES stracciatella ice cream.

loreli alviz (la): why did you choose to pursue a career in photography?

ian sheh (is): why did i choose a photography. well, as a kid i always had a thing for cinematography, life seems to go by like a film in my head. it still does. i actually almost went to Ryerson for film studies. photography initially was my best creative outlet while studying design; i would take my own images for projects, of friends, of life. even working as a designer, photography was never far from my work. it was a natural progression from design to photography over the years, it just took over my work. i found that photography gave into to my imaginary mind more than design did. the stories and scenes play out much better on film than on paper.

you can find the rest of the interview here.

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