the status of social networking

July 27 2009, 0 Comments

i’ve always been a bit hesitant about using social networking to reach EVERYBODY. i have friends and family (including my dad) who try to accumulate as many friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter as they possibly can. it has becomes a status symbol, with the whole “i’ve got more friends that you do” vibe. i’m not saying that social networking is bad, much the contrary. but i’ve always wondered what use 1000 random friends on Facebook would really be. wouldn’t you want 150 good friends who you have a real connection with.

Seth Godin, one of the best marketers on the planet in my books, posted a couple of videos of himself and Tom Peters at an Amex/Open session. one of the videos is on social networking and it’s place in business. he hits the nail right on the head, “networking is always important when it’s real, and it’s always a useless distraction when it’s fake.” give it a watch below, he says it way better than i ever could. the other videos are on blogging, decency, and the fact that no one cares about you. they are all really good, and really short. you can find them here.

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