sailing the gulf islands

August 21 2009, 1 Comments

spent the last week sailing the gulf islands. i haven’t ever sailed before, and i must say there’s not much that beats being on the water for a week, eating amazing food and being amongst fantastic friends. it was probably one of the first vacations that i’ve been able to completely disconnect. something about sailing that makes you forget about the world. the weather was amazing, maybe too amazing; we didn’t get much wind for the first couple of days. i am definitely going to have sail again. i’m hoping for stronger winds and angrier seas next time.

the second last picture is of Murray Phillips, the uncle of one of my friends. he’s a local BC artist and has so much character. i’ve been reading Joe McNally’s Hot Shoe Diaries and thought what perfect subject to try some of Joe’s techniques on. worked out pretty good.










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  1. James says:

    Ian – great shots from the trip! It was awesome to get to know you and the rest of the crew on this trip…. Hopefully there will be more in the future!

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