chase jarvis + skateboarders = awesome!

September 2 2009, 1 Comments

i was one of lucky 25 who had the chance to hang out with Chase Jarvis on Monday. it was a bit crazy trying to get down to Seattle; jump off the plane from a wedding, get home, get my passport, pick up Wayne, and try to boot it down to Seattle in under 4 hours. the craziness paid off and we got there with 15 minutes to spare.

Chase has cultivated such a great community of photographers. virtually an open forum of photographers sharing ideas, techniques and styles with each other, Chase being the biggest open book. the saying “the secret is, there is no secret” was very evident amongst everyone. i love that kind of  community. there doesn’t seem to be a yearning for that in Canada. photographers seems to want to hold onto their “secrets”, as if their entire world would come crumbling down if others found out. wake up Canada, there is no secret! if there was one pseudo secret it would be, share your secrets, all of them. and by sharing them you will gain so many more in return. if you don’t believe me, i’d beg you to take a good look at what Mr. Chase Jarvis has accomplished by opening himself and his wealth of knowledge to who ever asks. and if you still down believe me, read Tim Sanders’ book Love is the Killer App. ok… enough of my ranting.

the secret location Chase had was a local Seattle skateboard park near his studio. his crew setup a wealth of crazy-ass Broncolor lights, and all 25 of us went hard shooting some amazing athletes. the entire park erupted with the noise of skateboards, shutters and the rapid fire of beeps from the strobes. i have never been amongst so many people shooting all at once. it’s a pretty amazing sight.

the crew of athletes we had just ripped it up non-stop for 3 hours straight. doing the same trick over and over again, each time asking us if we got the shot we wanted.

Chase Jarvis skateboarder




Josh ended up in Seattle via Ontario via New York. he was in New York on vacation when he found out that he was one of the 25, peaced-out early and flew into Seattle the morning of. didn’t have a have any gear, just knew he had to be there. he is a laid back, chill guy, with a ton of character and a sweet hat. i found him taking a break under an alley light and decided to take a couple of shots of him smoking. then grabbed a beauty dish and snapped a couple of portraits too. (if you’re reading this Josh, hook me up with your contact info so that we can keep in touch)



all the craziness to get down to Seattle was worth every minute. i’m sure everyone there would agree. a huge thank-you goes out to Chase and his team for putting on such a great event. now let’s see if we can start cultivating this kind of community in Vancouver. i’ll be the first, ask me anything you want about photography (mine, yours or otherwise) and i’ll answer it as best as i can.


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  1. Josh says:

    Hey man! Great work!

    Spot on about the community thing. For me it was worth it to come and see the various lighting set up’s, meet some new people, and get inspired. In my area (like you said) a lot of people tend to hold on to the process and its cool that there are people out there like Chase and his crew who share.

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