Help-Portrait Vancouver

November 5 2009, 0 Comments

this is the first, but definitely not the last post you’ll see about an awesome project called Help-Portrait. the idea around Help-Portrait is simple, find someone in need, take their portrait, print their portrait, and deliver them. the idea is from photographer Jeremy Cowart and he just launch a brand new Help-Portrait website detailing everything. Help-Portrait events will be happening worldwide on December 12th.

here in Vancouver, myself along with a great group of photographers and with the help of the Nehemiah Foundation are holding a Help-Portrait event in the lower east side. the Salvation Army has been kind enough to sponsor us with a space that we can use, and details are starting to come together. i really believe in the impact this project can have. even the video below, which is a test run, shows you how a portrait can impact a person. community is such a big thing for me, both personally and professionally. it’s rare that a single project will bring both together to help the community we live in.

if you would like to be involved with Help-Portrait Vancouver please email me, or visit our Facebook page.

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