shooting & retouching beauty [and my first video!]

November 23 2009, 3 Comments

about a month ago i collaborated with makeup artist Ella Bak and fashion designer & stylist Krista Brown on an amazing beauty shoot. we shot 6 looks in 8 hours, kudos to the full team for making it all happen. this first round of images were shot with a single over head strobe with a beauty dish and a black reflector to suck up some of the light and create more contrast. super simple setup, but really effective.

i’m also finally on the video bandwagon! with all of the retouching i’ve been doing, i thought i might as well record my work and put together a little workflow and technique video. basically condensed 5 and a half hours of editing into just under 6 minutes. it’s a bit of a manic video, but i bring you through 2 techniques for retouching skin so that it’s perfect and maintains detail.

Ian Sheh - beauty fashion Vancouver

Ian Sheh - beauty fashion Vancouver

Ian Sheh - beauty fashion Vancouver



Ian Sheh - lighting setup

IAN SHEH VID: beauty retouching

'3 Responses to “shooting & retouching beauty [and my first video!]”'
  1. Nick Croken says:

    Great shots Ian! I’m glad to see that you are jumping on the video bandwagon. I’ve only made with another one on the way and people loovvee them!

  2. robbiej says:

    Nice shooting, Tex. Cool video too.

  3. danny says:

    you are incredible.

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