Help-Portrait Vancouver Thank-You

December 15 2009, 7 Comments

a thank-you video to all of the people who made Help-Portrait Vancouver a huge success.

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  1. Steve Tan says:

    LOL thanks for renaming me :)

    You forgot to thank yourself for everything you did, so thank you Ian.

  2. Outstanding! Congrats to all involved and what an amazing gift to the City of Vancouver!! Sounds like everyone involved was blessed!!

  3. Michael Moore says:


    Thanks Ian!!!

    We KICKED so much ASS!!!

    Must do it again sooooon :)


  4. Tim says:

    You are not Chase Jarvis, quit being lame, simply aweful

  5. Steve Tan says:

    Being inspired by Chase Jarvis is not lame, Tim. What would you have done to thank people who participated in an event you coordinated?

  6. IS says:

    I didn’t realize that I was trying to be Chase Jarvis. What makes me like him? The fact that I make videos or that I’m a photographer or that I believe photographers should work together as a commnunity to support eachother or that sharing knowledge is more beneficial than holding it in. Becuase if that makes me a Chase Jarvis copycat, then I’m guilty. Then again, that would also make me a copycat of Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell, Tim Sanders, Nick Onken, David Hobby, Mike Colon, Melissa Rockwell, and many many more forward thinking photographers and business people. 

    Ironically the comment is a bit of a compliment. If I can do even a slice of the good that Chase Jarvis has done for photographers and creatives a like, I would gladly be categorized with the man.    

  7. Alysse K says:

    I love your work, and completely agree that photographers need to develop a more communitarian approach to the art (whether or not one considers that to be copying Chase Jarvis). In light of a new found recognition to support each other, I should point out to Tim December, that the word awful, doesn’t actually have an “e” in it. Good luck with english, and a needed attitude check Tim. Keep up the great work Ian, simply amazing.

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