Help-Portrait Vancouver Videos

December 13 2009, 3 Comments

Steve Tan, the resident Help-Portrait Vancouver videographer, has produced two videos of our event. watching these videos almost make me cry. they capture the day so well. i’ll let the videos do the rest of the talking.

Help-Portrait Vancouver

Help-Portrait Vancouver “Let It Shine”

'3 Responses to “Help-Portrait Vancouver Videos”'
  1. danny says:

    SO AWESOME!! (caps lock doesn’t do it justice)

    in the words of IS: “fantastic!”

    looking forward to next year!

  2. […] good rhythm, a relaxed joyous rhythm. the day honestly flew by so quickly. i’ve watching the videos that Steve Tan has produced over and over again. they capture the day so […]

  3. i heart heart love it…little tears almost drop.
    what a great way to spend my birthday, to give back!!!

    thanks you…georgia

    ps..lovely working with all the stuff :)

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