bride + groom + chairlift =

January 7 2010, 8 Comments

Judy and her new Aussie husband Mark braved the cold of January in Edmonton to grab the shot that Judy dreamt up; the bride & groom on a chairlift. i was more than a bit worried about Mark, he was shivering earlier that morning and we were still inside. we just made it onto the chairlift before they shutdown for the day. usually you have cars honking on your wedding, Judy & Mark had skiers & snowboarders hollering on the hill. i enlisted my buddy Brad, who’s actually Judy’s brother-in-law, to make sure i didn’t fall off the chair. he came prepared; Sorel boots, snowpants, down jacket and big mittens, all overtop of his suit. we rode the chairlift all the way around (first time i’ve ever done that), which gave me enough time to figure out how to shoot backwards on a chairlift. it was cold, but it was definitely fun. checked this off my list of locations to shoot. congratulation Judy & Mark!


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  1. Steve Tan says:

    Nice! I’m usually freezing on those long chair rides even in full boarding gear, so I can’t imagine how cold they were in those shots.

    Oh well, the cold was temporary – this photos will last forever! :)

  2. Leigh Culpin says:

    Nice shot, Ian!

  3. Denis Seguin says:

    Well done Ian!

  4. Arne says:

    I wish I knew you when my wife and I were married – would have hired you in a second.

  5. IS says:

    Thanks guys! It was a fun wedding to shoot. Judy was a trooper, even took her fur jacket off for a few shots!

  6. danny says:

    so rad!!

  7. Roger says:

    Great shot Ian…

  8. judy says:

    All I can say is Ian you totally Rock, you are awesome thankyou!

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