IAN SHEH VID: john fluevog

January 20 2010, 6 Comments

here’s a quick behind-the-scenes video of my shoot with John Fluevog.

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  1. your photos turn out sooo great love :)


  2. Steve Tan says:

    Nice work Ian – I’m loving these behind-the-scenes videos. :)

  3. Donald says:

    here is a thought, stop blogging and making a pathetic attempt to make it seem like you are a busy working photographer and take better photos that will actually get you work. you are wasting your time, photography is visual, not bullshit Twitter feeds and moronic blog postings. if you want to be successful quit trying win the popularity contest and take better photos. Marketing is much easier when you have a good product to sell. Right now you are a shitty infomercial at 3am

  4. Nicholas says:

    To the gentleman that posted above.
    Obviously you have nothing better to do, than follow Ian’s “pathetic attempt” at photography. What are you? Some self made success with nothing better to do than follow the creative potential of another, while spouting off cliche marketing tips from the sideline? Well done, I applaud you. Incidentally, it should be noted that his photos, Twitter feeds and blog postings caught your attention did they not?

  5. BILL says:

    if you would like to work together, please let me know:)

  6. BILL says:

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