Steph Project Haiti

April 27 2010, 0 Comments

my good friend Steph and her NGO, Nehemiah VanCity, recently partnered with SafeWaterNexus and have formed an alliance to work on a project in Haiti called Joshua’s Village. SafeWaterNexus has secured 20 acres outside of Port-au-Prince and are building a sustainable community for children at risk using recycled materials. SafeWaterNexus has been successfully relocating children at risk that have been abused & abandoned during the last few months in Haiti.

amazing cinematographer and editor Steve Tan and i teamed up to produce a short video that speaks to how Steph is partnering with SafeWaterNexus. take a minute and see what it’s all about.

for more information about the Steph Project Haiti or to follower her journey into Haiti please visit her blog:

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