where has the summer gone

August 30 2010, 0 Comments

it’s been a busy sumer, and i don’t quite know where it’s all gone. i apologies for not posting at all this summer. it’ll get back to normal as the fall begins. for some reason i’ve also not been able to post from my iPhone which is why there hasn’t been any iPhone Pictures of the Day either.

i had the pleasure of photographing Kristin & Josh’s wedding in Kelowna earlier this month. the Papay family have been close friends for a long time, i photographed Natasha’s (Josh’s sister) a few years ago, and Nathaniel (Josh’s brother) was in my best friend’s wedding party. shooting on the water is always gorgeous, and the weather cooled to a comfortable temperature for the day of the wedding. i must say, shooting this wedding was quite refreshing.

Kirstin & Josh 140 - Ian Sheh

Kirstin & Josh 126 - Ian Sheh

Kirstin & Josh 141 - Ian Sheh

Kirstin & Josh 224 - Ian Sheh

Kirstin & Josh 259 - Ian Sheh

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