Amazing… Just Amazing!

December 7 2010, 1 Comments

i’m pretty sure i’ve watched the video below at least 2 dozen times already. no joke. i can’t get enough of it. i can never really appreciate the impact that Help-Portrait has during the actual event. i tend to have my attention on making sure everything is running smooth. and with this year having more people receiving portraits, i didn’t really stop to soak up the day. it isn’t until i watch the fantastic story telling of Mr. Steve Tan that i am really able to see the effect a picture can have.

i am always impressed with the calibre of people i get a chance to work with. from musicians, to makeup artists, greeters and hot chocolate backpackers, and of course photographers. one of my biggest joys during a Help-Portrait event is to see photographers so excited to give portraits. the enthusiasm, and huge smiles and laughter, and the eagerness to show subjects how amazing they look puts the biggest smile on my face. the first minute of the video is almost all photographers, i had to fight a tear or two the fist time i saw it.

Steph Forster, you continually amaze me with the relationships you build in the DTES, the paperwork and permits you can negotiate, and the pure drive you have to see us succeed. Help-Portrait Vancouver wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. we’d just be a bunch of camera geeks that need a lot of help. my amazing core team, Arne, Michael, Tony, Bernard & Leigh, you have taken Help-Portrait to a new level. i would have not been able to keep my sanity without you. Jennifer Ruth, thank-you so much for leading the makeup and hair team. i knew with the team in your hands we’d have a great group of artists to make people feel beautiful. Nelson, you booked so many acts for us! it was great! thank-you so much. watching you jam on the piano was so good. Mr. Danny Taylor, thank-you for stepping into lead the volunteers. thanks for also freezing your ass off for us. and to the brilliant Steve Tan, who’s videos allow me to really see the impact that Help-Portrait has, thank-you!

Help-Portrait Vancouver 2010 (Thank You) from Steve Tan on Vimeo.

the morning crew
Help-Portrait Vancouver 2010

the afternoon crew
Help-Portrait Vancouver 2010

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  1. danny says:

    dude…such a privilege to be part of the day. so glad to be involved again. i can’t get enough of the videos either. good memories. chokes me up a bit too.

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