old school meets new school

January 25 2011, 3 Comments

trusty world-travelled Konica Hexar meet new sidekick Olympus Pen E-P2. i’ve had the Olympus E-P2 for just under a month now and am learning all of the ins and outs of the camera. for this quickly growing new class of digital-rangefinder, it does a really good job. compared to my Hexar, it’s nice to be able to have a full range of ISO at your finger tips, visible auto-focus, interchangeable lenses, image stabilization, and of course HD video. the E-P2 is smaller and lighter, and being able to review pictures right away is always a plus.

on the other hand, the Hexar’s auto-focus is much much faster and uses an infrared auto-focus system that allows the camera to focus in complete darkness. the Konica 35mm f/2 lens is sharper, and produces more contrast & saturation. it’s program mode allows the user to set a specific f-stop to bias to and will only change if the proper shutter speed can not be accomplished. the biggest down-side to the Hexar is it’s top shutter speed, 1/250 (which is why i keep a 2-stop ND filter in my bag).

between the two cameras, you’ve got everything one may want in a camera. i’m excited to travel with both in my bag.

i also couldn’t just leave my Pen looking like a regular camera. found a fantastic leather working company out of S. Korea called JNK Customizing Analog. they specializing in leather customizations and make an almost perfect fitting leather wrap for the Pen. black texture leather wrap and matching leather hand strap. looks pretty stellar to me.

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  2. Jonathan says:

    Sure i switch to Nikon and you get a Olympus. What a stange cycle :)

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