i wish i could speak words like this

April 5 2011, 0 Comments

i love words. i wish i could write them faster, but that’s not the case. it takes me forever to get the thoughts in my head to the ink on paper. what’s even worse… trying to take the thoughts in my head to properly come out of my mouth. i think it’s because my mind runs much much faster than the my hand or my mouth can compute, so everything just comes out gibberish.

this is why i’m astounded by the talent that is within 22 year old Sarah Kay. not only does she write poetry, she speaks it, or to be more specific, she performs it. her resent TED talk, in California, on spoken poetry and her organization called Project V.O.I.C.E. she received two standing ovations!

her delivery of her poems are not of the traditional rhyming or rapping of spoken word poetry. it is from a theatrical performance; reminds me of individual monologues. i find it refreshing, her poems definitely speak well this way. i enjoy her pauses and intonations. some argue that her poetry isn’t of the spoken word variety or that they are too cliche. for what it’s worth, they seem to satisfying something within me.

what do you think?

this is her TED talk. if you want to listen to just her poems they are the first 3:40 minutes and the last 3:30 minutes (at 15:10).

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