IMPACT Editorial – this was Plan B

May 17 2011, 7 Comments

Plan A was good. the article Jon wrote for IMPACT magazine centered around gaining better posture for cyclist. the workout described seemed most suited for a gym stretch area, maybe after a weight session. Plan A involved a small workout area, strobes, softboxes; well thought out, planned, ready to go. what i didn’t count on when i arrived on location was how small the workout area was. the shoot was scheduled in the evening, and the rain had not let up for weeks it seemed. shooting inside was my best chance to get the images shot for the deadline.

after about half an hour of pondering the small crowded workout area, the thought of rescheduling the shoot for the next day in a larger area was becoming reality. Plan B, what was Plan B? Plan B was staring at me from across the street in the rain; a stadium. looking from a second story window the huge flood lights gave the stadium a nice glow against the dark sky. and because it was raining, the wet bleachers reflected the light right back into the stadium. i took a quick run over to see if it was open to the public and to do a quick scout. it looked good. Plan B involved bagging my speedlights and Pocketwizards, putting my hood up and making sure i didn’t short-circuit anything.

[lighting setup and tear sheets after the jump]

the stadium floods were bright enough that i could gain some ambient from them if i shot at a high enough ISO. i landed at ISO 1600, 1/60 at f/8. a SB-800 with the diffuser down was my key light, camera left. the rim light was a SB-900 zoomed out to 200mm placed up in the bleachers behind Jon, camera right. the exposure gave me a fairly neutral image. enough to give me good detail at both ends without much clipping (other than the dark sky).

in post, i exposed a plate for the stadium and then one for Jon. blended the two together in Photoshop, increased the highlights on Jon to match the burst of light from the SB-900, cleaned up all of the rain, and set the tone of the image.

i must admit, Plan B turned out way better than Plan A would ever have. something about thinking on your toes that gets the create juices going. though, i can’t say enough about being prepared for a project, planning and doing your research on what you need to shoot. but when something sends your plans into left-field you have to be flexible enough to find a solution that works. this time around, the solution was better than the plans.

here are the tear sheets from the May/June IMPACT magazine.

IMPACT Magazine - Ian Sheh

IMPACT Magazine - Ian Sheh

IMPACT Magazine - Ian Sheh

'7 Responses to “IMPACT Editorial – this was Plan B”'
  1. Roger says:

    Great set Ian. The ability to think on your feet is a characteristic of a good photographer. Very nice cross lighting.

  2. IS says:

    Thanks Roger!

  3. Steve Tan says:

    These shots are fantastic! I love the addition of the planning sketch. :)

  4. IS says:

    It’s my feeble attempt at illustration. I guess that one art class in college didn’t do much lol!

  5. Jon Kawamoto says:

    Great work Ian – it was freezing that night too!

  6. Chris Welner says:

    The pictures and the layout turned out very nice, Ian. Great job, and I love the story behind the story. We used a little photo flopping with the Wall Slides exercise to help bring that package together as well.

  7. IS says:

    Thanks Chris. The May/June issue has some great images. I saw the flipped image, it works well.

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