Vancouver riot clean up = AMAZING

June 16 2011, 2 Comments

i decided to take a walk through the embattled riot zone this afternoon after hearing that a large group of volunteers had taken to the streets to clean up the aftermath. not only did i find amazing people doing everything they can to clean up, people also turned the boarded up windows into a huge love letter to Vancouver. it was awesome to see the pouring out for a city that less than 12 hours earlier looked like a war zone.

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i will admit that documenting the riot last night was an adrenalin rush. but i will also admit that i probably shouldn’t have been documenting it so aggressively, as i was straddling two mindsets; having fun with friends and reportage. i actually think that’s what got me in my little scrum. i wasn’t thinking ahead. wasn’t watching what was going on and accessing the best way to both approach and capture the moment. didn’t have as much street sense as i should have since half my head was still hanging out with my friends.

a few months ago i wrote a quick post on the differences between my Olympus Pen and my Konica Hexar. back then, the differences were mostly functional. after last night, i wouldn’t use my Olympus Pen in an aggressive reportage situation again. the camera is not fast enough or accurate enough to be used in a situation that was changing so quickly. my Konica Hexar has been in sticky situations before, and it’s fast; basically frame & click. no waiting for the auto focus or the screen to adjust. i guess i still haven’t found it’s digital replacement.

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  1. steph says:

    where are my feet!

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