Mike Horn the Exporer

July 12 2011, 3 Comments

if you have never heard of Mike Horn you should really look him up. Mike is one of the premiere explorers of the 21 century. amongst all of his amazing expeditions he’s circumnavigated the equator solo and without any motorized vehicles (1999), and in 2002 he circumnavigated the Arctic Circle solo and again without aid of motorized vehicles or dogs. i had the privileged to meet and photograph Mr. Horn this past spring for Mercedes-Benz and The Pangaea Expedition, his current project.

The Pangaea is the name of the expedition and the name of the 100 foot sailed boat that he is the captain of. unlike his previous endeavors of conquering this vast earth we live on, the goal of this expedition is to teach the next generation all he has learned and to help to restore the earth he loves to travel. over the last 2 years  the Pangaea has sailed the world, circumnavigating each continent. along the way groups of youth, Young Explorers, are hand picked to sail with him and execute on various eco-projects such as starting the biggest coral-reef rejuvenation in the world.

Mike himself is an amazing man. with a strong sense of obligation to the environment and an equally strong perspective on hands-on in-the-world education, he is passionate about the youth that he brings on his boat. he is gratuitous host offering a cappuccino to everyone, and genuinely lends a ear to most everyone. i could have sat and chatted with him for hours.

Check out Mike Horn and the Pangaea Expedition at www.mikehorn.com, and follow him on twitter @PangaeaMikeHorn.

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Mike Horn Tryptic - Ian Sheh

110320_Mike_Horn_Vancouver_371 - Ian Sheh

110320_Mike_Horn_Vancouver_335 - Ian Sheh

110320 Mike Horn in Vancouver 297 - Ian Sheh

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