Pacific Centre Street Fashion Outtakes

July 19 2011, 2 Comments

i thoroughly enjoyed shooting street fashion back in March. wandering the streets of Vancouver looking for the most stylish people is a great way to spend an afternoon. it definitely takes time and dedication to be on the street everyday; as Mr. Shuman says in an interview “those few hours to find one or two good pictures.” here are a few of my favourite outtakes from the Pacific Centre 30 Days of Fashion campaign. thanks to all of the fine Vancouverites that let me take their picture, and everyone who followed the 30 days. more pictures after the jump.

Ian Sheh - Alexa K. Stroth

Ian Sheh - Zoe Peled

Ian Sheh

'2 Responses to “Pacific Centre Street Fashion Outtakes”'
  1. Peter Buxton says:

    Hi Ian – thanks for throwing this up. As I mentioned to you in Ladner I really enjoyed this project.

  2. IS says:

    Thanks Peter! Really appreciate it.

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