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July 5 2011, 0 Comments

Nik is one of my best friends. she also happens to be one of the hardest training athletes i know. from conquering the Duathlon world, to indoor track & 10k running, she is now quickly becoming a rising Canadian cycling star. after her first season ending abruptly with a tibia and fibula break, she is having an amazing second season. with a 2nd place road race finish and 4th place overall GC at Wenatchee, 6th in the road race at Enumclaw, 8th place stage 2 and a 12th place overall GC at Mt. Hood (against some of the best in North America including Clara Hughes and Kristin Armstrong), and just over a week ago finishing 7th at Canadian Nationals (ahead of Clara Hughes), this year has been going in the right direction.

Nik and i have been working together for a long time. before she headed off to Mt. Hood and Canadian Nationals we shot some new images for her website. Nik has never been one for the regular athlete pictures; most would never know she was a cyclist from her immaculate sense of style. we went simple this time. no sports attire, just a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans on a white background with Nik just being Nik. here are a few of my favourites. you can see a few more of them over on her website, www.nikvogler.com.

[pictures and a quick strobist setup after the jump]

for you strobist out there. the key light was a diffused beauty dish above her. the fill was a ring flash with a softlight reflector. my camera is directly under the beauty dish (sorry no diagram for this one). i hadn’t used my ring flash in a little while and love the way it brings out detail as a fill. i’m still finding the light to be a bit too harsh, even with the softlight reflector. so i’m thinking of cutting a doughnut out of diffusion material and taping it over the reflector. i’ll let you know how it goes went i try it.

Nik Vogler - TT02 - Ian Sheh

Nik Vogler - TT03 - Ian Sheh

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