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business profiles are always an interesting assignment. you are usually balancing two expectations. the first is from the publication, making sure the images are on point with the written copy and are shot in the style they need. the second is from the business itself. the business wants to put their best foot forward, showing potential clients/customers a bit of who they are and what they can do for them. the other constraints that comes into play are time and space. the majority of business owners only have a few minutes in their day to stop for a portrait, and finding the space to setup in their business can be a challenge. i guess it doesn’t help that i’m not a small flash strobist-type shooter. i shot a a series of business profiles for IMPACT magazine that are in the current July/August issue. all of my subjects were super accommodating and patient. and it was the first time i’ve had to work around a MRI machine. [more on the MRI after the jump]

one of the businesses that i was to profile was AIM Medical Imaging. i had a few ideas going into the shoot, one being a bit of a take off of Joe McNally’s shot of a father and son in front of the father’s brain scans. i wanted to incorporate MRI scan film into the portrait some how. to my dismay, imaging has gone 100% digital in the last few years and clinics no longer expose film of any type. next idea, how about shooting in the MRI room. Dr. Sharma was on board with one limitation, no equipment can be in the room as the MRI magnet is always on and the equipment will be damaged. she wore her watch into the room by accident and she mentioned that the battery would be dead within 24 hours. well then… the MRI room was a decent size, with the MRI machine taking up a fair bit of the space. my saving grace was the door to the room was large (big enough to fit a gurney) and a semi-frosted window that the techs sat behind to monitor the scans.  i positioned a bare strobe head behind the window, the semi-frost worked great to diffuse the light just enough, and the door was big enough to accommodate the majority of a 5-foot octagon. i had just enough room to fit under the octagon to shoot. it was tight, but it was all outside of the room so that my equipment all worked.

this is the final image that was selected. you can see the shadow on the left side where the bare strobe overpowered the octagon.

AIM Imaging - Ian Sheh

LifeMark - Ian Sheh


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  1. Helen Sheh says:

    Hey Ian that is a crazy good picture of a MRI machine. I saw good picture like this only on the promoting magazine the company gives us. Well well done.

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