IMPACT Magazine 20th Anniversary – Workout Feature

September 25 2011, 0 Comments

IMPACT Magazine is celebrating their 20th anniversary this month. i had the pleasure of shooting the workout feature for their anniversary issue, Sept/Oct 2011. it’s a pleasure to have been working with Elaine and her team for over the past four years. a huge congratulations goes out to them on this 20th anniversary.

the workout featured the expertise and incredible body of Rob Williams, president of the Williams Health Group in Vancouver. i must say this was the most involved shoot i have done for IMPACT so far. Rob had sent me a few ideas of what he was thinking for the shoot, and i was fully on board with them; darker and contrasty to define the muscles and body shape. Rob is probably one of the most ripped athletes i’ve photographed, i joked with him that his muscles were casting their own shadows and that they were giving me a hard time.

[images, tear sheets and lighting setup after the jump]

the location for the shoot was a MMA gym; fantastic space. i chose to shoot in front of the sparing ring to give the image some context. in total six strobes lit Rob; two umbrellas camera right and camera left were the key lights, a diffused ring light was just above the camera acted as the fill to get under Rob, two gridded strobes were to the right and left of his legs, and a SB-900 was placed in the rafters at the back to light the background just a bit (you can see it in some of the pictures). the lighting setup took sometime to get right. i still think the background SB-900 could have been brighter to light up more of the background and kill some of the shadows, but time was starting to turn against us. we shot 6 different variations for the workout, one with me sitting high above to get a shot of Rob pouncing over a straight line.

i think the images turned out pretty good. in post i desaturated and cooled the images. lately i’ve been fond of separating the post of the subject and the surrounding. it allows more control over the subject’s overall color and contrast to the surroundings, and vise-versa. oh, and i finally was able to use the diffusion material on my soft-light reflector for the ring light. it almost creates a beauty dish type of light, though with that wrapping effect that a ring light has. it’ll be interesting to use it as a key light.

Sprawl Lighting Setup - Ian Sheh

Sprawl Workout - IMPACT Magazine - Ian Sheh

Sprawl Workout - IMPACT Magazine - Ian Sheh

Sprawl Workout - IMPACT Magazine - Ian Sheh

Sprawl Workout - IMPACT Magazine - Ian Sheh


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