Times Two Children’s Book – i know you want it!

April 8 2012, 0 Comments

my friend Shari-Anne is publishing her first book! she and her friend Sheree decided to partner up and create a fantastic children’s book called Times Two. the book features raccoons flying to the moon and back, wear sweaters and swim goggles, and float on the sea while watching clouds. they need your help to publish the first 1000 books and have launched a Indigogo.com campaign, http://igg.me/p/88974.

i know that this book is for kids, but i think it’s SUPER cool that they actually publishing a book. i’m totally behind it! if you’ve ever read or heard Seth Godin talk about shipping ideas, this is a prime example of that. having the courage to push your work out, and ship it into reality. really excited for this book!

Times Two Book - Racoons

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