let me introduce you to Kelsey Janz

September 24 2012, 0 Comments

Let me introduce you to my friend Kelsey Janz, an amazing singer/songwriter. Kelsey has a fantastic new album called Into the Dark. It is a collection of country/folk songs that will make you feel every word she sings. Take a listen, I promise you’ll like it. You can buy her album on BandCamp.

Kelsey has also recently (as in Wednesday, September 19th, 2012) had surgery to remove a rare tumor in her skull. She is doing remarkably well, but the surgery has paralyzed her left vocal cords. Into the Dark was Kelsey’ gift to her daughter, reminding her what her voice sounded like. The album is also a way to support Kelsey after her surgery.

I would encourage you to buy Into the Dark. And more than supporting Kelsey, supporting the wonderful music on the album.

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