Wonder World Fur: The new “fur”

February 27 2013, 0 Comments

In the battle to use fur or not use fur in fashion these days you have Peta on one side shouting as loud as they possibly can, trying to allure eyeballs with controversial and overly-sexualized ads. On the other side the fashion industry seems to be indifferent to it all and continues to use fur without restraint as seen in a lot of the 2013 fall/winter collections that were just shown. Both on the extreme ends of the spectrum, neither actually having much affect on the argument.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF), which I almost forgot existed, has just launched a brand new “fur” fashion label, Wonder World Fur, in conjunction with their 40th anniverary. In an instant, WWF has surpassed all efforts that Peta has tried and changed the conversation. Activists using the industry that they oppose to change the game? What a novel idea. The “fur” they use is South African Mohair yarn and the lining is a special type of silk that can be produced with out killing the silk worm itself. Entirely sustainable, and eco-friendly.

WWF has also gone to great lengths to create a fantastic story and marketing campaign around Wonder World Fur. Even creating 3 imaginary creatures in which the “fur” comes from. The short films for two of the creatures are cute and intriguing, and the fashion aspect of them are alluring.

It’s impressive that WWF was able to completely re-think about their audience and go in a different direction. Most women want to wear fur, trying to change their minds by berating them and launching controversial ads usually insults rather than inspires. A high-fashion alternative, from an organization that believes in what they stand for, is a perfect way to start changing minds.

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